QPR’s season ‘just about summed up’ by just about everything

Queens Park Rangers are absolutely dreadful. They have had an absolutely dreadful season. On Sunday they put in an absolutely dreadful performance and were beaten 6-0 by Manchester City.

The toe-curling 90 minutes provided a single snap-shot of the problems at the football club. It was a commentators, pundits and journalists’ delight – a condensed omnishambles painstakingly designed by a fervent sadomasochist.

Usually a commentator has one or two moments to choose from when searching for a summation. An under-hit back pass, a poor bit of marking from a corner or a loss of possession can all sum up just about any chosen point.

However, against Man City, QPR courageously decided to make the job far easier by messing up everything they attempted. The frequency of such mistakes, sloppiness, and carelessness was astounding and can only be admired in hindsight.

In short, everything single detail of the match could of, and has since, been highlighted to ‘just about sum up their season’. It helpfully provided a simplistic and ultimately pleasing conclusion.

Wayward defending, missed tackles and misplaced passes; they’re usually few and far between, but they came every few minutes.

An attacking corner cleared, a missed interception and a striker running half the length of the pitch before scoring. That just about sums them up.

A player out of position who rushes back to give away a needless penalty. You know what, that just about sums them up, really.

Depending on your allegiance it was either sustained torture by embarrassment, or more likely considering Harry Redknapp’s previous involvement, pure joy demonstrated through the ultimate mismatch.

'Throw a blanket over 'em'
Clustering resources

Their chief tormentor was little Argentine genius Sergio Aguero, who resembled a small, energetic dog let off the lead for the first time in days. He was allowed to roam free, despite nominally being marshalled by three central defenders.

Richard Dunne, a 35-year-old defender with leaden legs, was regularly pitted against Aguero in a foot race. A great advert for the Premier League.

Matty Phillips, an inconsistent, largely unproven winger playing wing-back for the first time this season in a must win game. Selection genius.

Rob Green, a talented shot-stopper tasked with bailing out his inexorably sinking ship with a tea spoon. Not to be missed.

A ramshackle mob of overpaid mercenaries, over-the-hill veterans and players you had forgotten existed was never really destined for success.

They lost 6-0 on Sunday, and to be honest that just about sums them up.

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